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[Course Objectives]

Writing, as human beings’ creative social practices, enjoys a long history. It is not only the process of using words, but also a presentation of the writer’s overall quality.

Chinese writing is a basic course for learners. The objectives of this course are: a. to improve learners’ ability in expressing themselves in writing; b. to master Chinese words; c. to write acceptable and admirable articles; d. and to lay the foundation for their future translation work from English to Chinese.

This course not only provides basic knowledge of Chinese writing, but also encourages learners to write in various types of writing. Each work they write will be graded by the teacher. Certainly, learners will make a great progress on their Chinese writing skills.

[Course Content and Requirements]

This course consists of nine parts: introduction on Chinese writing, material search, theme, structure, language, expression, news article, literary style, practical writing. Detailed introductions of each part are as follows.


Articles and writing, features of Chinese writing, regular patters, basic course requirements, how to improve Chinese writing

Material Search

What is material? Requirements, principles, and method for source material searching and subject matter finding


What is a theme? How to find the theme of an article? A theme and a title


What is structure? Principles and requirements for the structure of a writing, paragraphing, transition, the beginning and the end


Basic requirements for the language: precise, distinct and vivid; how to improve your language


Point of view of one’s narration, requirements for description, general description and detailed description, the three elements of argumentation, raising and refuting an argument, requirements for lyric prose

News Writing

Features of news writing, how to write a piece of news, how to deal with feature writing

Literary Style

Features of literary writing, how to write a poet, a prose and a novel

Practical Writing

Features of practical writing, how to write an official document, a summary, a survey, a plan, a brief report, and articles related to public relations

[Course Requirements]

1. Practice makes perfect. Learners should write or read as much as possible.

2. Learners should know the basic terms of writing, feature of common types and basic writing methods.

3. Learners need to learn the writing theories both in ancientChinaand in the western world. Therefore, they can make a contrastive analysis between the two. 

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